Are There Any Benefits to Taking Very Large Doses of Vitamin C

Are There Any Benefits to Taking Very Large Doses of Vitamin C

Supplement C is basic for satisfactory prosperity, yet is it useful to eat up more than the proposed each day total? Our nutritionist says it’s fantastical.

Q: Are there any benefits to taking gigantic measurements of supplement C, say, on numerous occasions the proposed entirety?

Supplement C is a critical enhancement that expects various parts in your prosperity.

It helps support your safe structure, helps in iron ingestion, and has malignancy counteraction specialist properties that help safeguard against hurt from oxidative pressing factor (1Trusted Source, 2Trusted Source).

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Lately, various people have started taking high bits of supplement C attempting to improve their prosperity and gain benefits past the whole procured through their eating schedule.

In any case, high parts of supplement C are most likely not going to give any additional benefit.

This is because supplement C is a water-dissolvable supplement, which suggests it separates in water. As opposed to fat-dissolvable supplements, water-dissolvable supplements aren’t taken care of in your body — taking everything into account, plenitude wholes get released through your pee (3Trusted Source).

Similarly, consuming drastic actions of supplement C through improvements may cause threatening effects in defenseless individuals. These include:

Kidney stones. Excess supplement C is wiped out by the body as oxalate, a side-effect. Some of the time, in any case, oxalate may outline diamonds and lead to kidney stones. Eating up an abundance of supplement C may fabricate the proportion of oxalate in your pee and augmentation the peril of kidney stones (4Trusted Source, 5Trusted Source).

Stomach related signs. Consuming bounty supplement C through upgrades may cause stomach related results like free entrails, squeamishness, and stomach cramps (6Trusted Source, 7).

Iron over-trouble. Individuals with hemochromatosis, a condition that raises the threat of iron assortment in the body, may experience iron over-trouble. This is a certified condition that may make hurt various organs (8Trusted Source, 9Trusted Source).

Supplement C has a consistently regard (DV) of 90 mg every day, which is the recommended whole you should consume each day. It can without a doubt be reached by consuming supplement C–rich food assortments, similar to strawberries, citrus natural items, broccoli, and ringer peppers (7).

In any case, you can safely consume up to 2,000 mg of supplement C every day without experiencing troublesome prosperity impacts. This is the set up alright farthest limit for supplement C confirmation (7).

Note that it’s practically hard to eat up superfluous proportions of supplement C through food assortments. It verifiably will undoubtedly happen through supplements.


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Is Pineapple Good for Your Skin?

Eating it

Benefits of utilization

Downsides of use

Fundamental concern

Pineapple is a tropical characteristic item that is stacked with clinical benefits.

It’s ample in supplements, malignant growth counteraction specialists, fiber, and water anyway low in calories, making it an ideal nibble.

Due to the regular item’s dietary and disease counteraction specialist content, a couple of gathering have furthermore made a pass at eating it or applying it to their skin to help their skin prosperity.

This article reviews the upsides of eating pineapple for your skin, similarly as the benefits and inconveniences of applying pineapple directly to your skin.

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Eating pineapple for skin prosperity

Pineapple contains an amazing impetus called bromelain, which is at risk for huge quantities of the natural item’s clinical benefits.

It’s similarly one of the principal reasons pineapple is declared to be helpful for your skin. Studies have shown that bromelain has moderating, cell support, and antibacterial properties (1Trusted Source).

One examination in 8 people with pityriasis lichenoides chronica (PLC), a consistent skin ailment that causes close to nothing, scaling, raised spots on the skin, seen that upgrading with bromelain consistently for seemingly forever pivoted the condition without causing any outcomes (2Trusted Source).

Pineapple’s supplement C substance may in like manner advance skin prosperity. One cup of pineapple contains 88% of the Daily Value (DV) for supplement C, an extraordinary malignant growth counteraction specialist (3Trusted Source).

Supplement C has a couple of properties that may benefit your skin prosperity (4Trusted Source):

Advances collagen creation. It stimulates the making of collagen, a protein network that gives your skin its development while keeping up its malleability.

Has cell support properties. As a malignant growth anticipation specialist, supplement C can help thwart mischief to skin cells achieved by free radicals. These are touchy combinations that can be ruinous when present at verifiable levels.

Helps wound repairing. It may help advance injury patching by supporting the formation of new skin cells.

Taking everything into account, you’d most likely have to eat a great deal of pineapple alone to see a qualification in your skin. Taking everything into account, have a go at including pineapple as just one fragment of a strong and changed eating schedule.


Pineapple is rich in bromelain and supplement C, which may help advance skin prosperity. To get these prizes, fuse pineapple as a segment of a sound and changed eating routine.

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Benefits of applying pineapple topically

A couple of gathering use pineapple topically by applying the new regular item clearly to their skin or making uniquely designed face cover or serums.

Even more regularly nonetheless, people purchase sound skin things that contain pineapple removes or bromelain.

Some confirmation suggests that bromelain may be invaluable when applied to the skin.

One test-tube study showed that a bromelain face wash could quell some skin aggravation causing microorganisms (5Trusted Source, 6Trusted Source).

Additionally, a 12-week pack in 11 people who used pineapple separate cream double each day saw that it on a very basic level reduced skin aggravation, melasma (sunspots), and oil creation on the skin differentiated and a phony treatment (7Trusted Source).

In light of everything, this doesn’t have an effect to new pineapple, as the pineapple eliminate cream used in the assessment was unequivocally figured to be applied to and devoured into the skin.


While pineapple-deduced sound skin things may benefit skin prosperity, new pineapple probably won’t have comparable effects.

Disadvantages of applying new pineapple to the skin

Bromelain is a strong protein and truly ordinary justification skin aggravation, similar to a barely swollen tongue or redness around the mouth in the wake of eating pineapple (8Trusted Source).

An enormous bit of the assessments on the reasonability of pineapple or bromelain have used concentrated pineapple eliminates — not new pineapple. These concentrates pass on much higher measurements of bromelain to the skin.

It’s outlandish that applying new pineapple to your skin will give any fundamental benefits.

The bromelain bit would presumably be too low to even think about evening consider giving skin benefits yet enough to cause skin irritation. New pineapple in like manner wouldn’t be conveniently ingested into the skin.

Of course, have a go at using solid skin things made with pineapple isolates or bromelain.

These things are characterized to be held into the skin for most prominent benefit, and they’ll contain more effective measurements of bromelain — by and large in a disturbance free formula.


Applying pineapple clearly to the skin is getting continuously notable, yet it may not be fruitful in light of a low part of bromelain and defenseless skin ingestion. Moreover, it may cause skin aggravation.

The truth

Pineapple is rich in supplements, cell fortifications, and the compound bromelain — all of which may improve your skin prosperity.

Regardless, applying it clearly to your skin may not have any significant bearing conspicuous benefits and may cause skin disturbing.

If you need to experience the upsides of compelling pineapple, endeavor phenomenally point by point skin wellbeing the executives things made with bromelain or pineapple remove rather than applying new pineapple to your skin.

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Made by SaVanna Shoemaker, MS, RDN, LD on April 20, 2021 — Medically inspected by Kim Chin, RD

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Does Cinnamon Have Any Benefits for Your Skin?


Skin prosperity

Arranging and constructions


Essential concern

Cinnamon is a standard zing delivered utilizing the bark of cinnamon (Cinnamomum) trees. It’s used in dishes all through the world as a flavor enhancer and normal wellspring of cell fortifications.

Cinnamon central oil is once in a while added to remedial things like smells, creams, lip emollients, and scours. For example, a couple of gathering add it to specially designed solid skin fixes attempting to back off skin, improve skin break out, and decline indicat

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