Noom Diet Review: Does It Work for Weight Loss?

Noom Diet Review: Does It Work for Weight Loss?

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Since its initiation in 2008, the Noom diet, or Noom, has quickly evolved to get maybe the most searched for checks calories.

As shown by Noom, people who use their program and embrace a sound lifestyle can expect to shed 1–2 pounds (0.5–1 kg) every week.

Regardless, you may think about whether Noom is essentially one more pattern diet subject to pseudoscience with assurances of silly results, or whether it’s a fruitful program for sound, viable weight decrease.

This article covers all you need to consider Noom, including what it is and how it capacities, similarly as its potential gains and drawbacks.


What is Noom?

Noom is an adaptable prosperity application that gives informational articles, gadgets for checking and monitoring your improvement toward weight decrease, and support from virtual prosperity guides. You can download it on your wireless or tablet. By focusing in on friendly changes, Noom views itself as a lifestyle, not an eating routine.

The application gives:

Step by step difficulties and enlightening information. Focuses incorporate food, stress the chiefs, target setting, and strong inclination advancement.

Gadgets to watch your turn of events. These grant you to log your dinners, practice schedule, and body weight.

A virtual preparing bunch. A target topic master, bundle tutor, and care bunch are expected to help you remain on track.

Biometric following. These features help you screen glucose and heartbeat.

Participation and assessing

Noom is available start at $44.99 every month

Noom now and then offers a multi day let free fundamental during sign

To drop, establish a connection with your guide (target topic master). You approach for the remainder of that charging cycle.

Custom ventures including dining experience and exercise plans open.

4.7/5 App Store 4.4/5 Google Play


Healthline rating

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Noom’s overall score



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How Noom capacities


Noom intends to help you with getting fit as a fiddle like most business diet plans and undertakings — by making a calorie inadequacy.

A calorie shortage happens when you dependably eat up less calories than you devour each day (1Trusted Source).

Noom measures your step by step calorie needs subject to your sexual direction, age, height, weight, and your reactions to a movement of lifestyle questions.

Dependent upon your target weight and time-frame, Noom uses a computation to check the quantity of calories you need to eat each day. This is known as your calorie monetary arrangement.

For security reasons and to ensure good sustenance, the application doesn’t allow a step by step calorie monetary arrangement under 1,200 calories for women or 1,400 calories for men (2Trusted Source).

Noom upholds food logging and step by step weigh-ins — two self-checking rehearses related with weight decrease and long stretch weight decrease maintenance(3Trusted Source,4Trusted Source,5Trusted Source,6Trusted Source).

Could Noom help you with getting more fit?

Any diminished calorie diet plan or program can help you with getting more fit if you follow it (7Trusted Source, 8Trusted Source).

Regardless, remaining with an eating routine is difficult for certain people. Most weight control plans miss the mark since they’re difficult to keep up (9Trusted Source).

Until this point on schedule, no assessments have differentiated the practicality of Noom and other weight decrease burns-through less calories, yet experts have explored data from Noom customers.

In one examination in right around 36,000 Noom customers, 78% experienced weight decrease while they were using the application for a typical of 9 months, with 23% experiencing more than a 10% adversity, differentiated and their starting weight (10Trusted Source).

The assessment moreover found that the people who followed their eating routine and weight even more sometimes were more compelling in getting more fit (10Trusted Source).

The same in any case, more complete examination concerning the program is required.


Noom’s food oversee

Noom recommends eating subject to calorie thickness and organizes food sources as green, yellow, or red as necessities be.

The application recommends consuming a set degree of food assortments from each tone — 30% green, 45% yellow, and 25% red.

According to the Noom site, these are occasions of food hotspots for each tone (26). They furthermore give a comprehensive overview of food assortments.

Noom’s Food Groups




These food assortments, which are the least calorie-thick and contain the most essential intermingling of enhancements, should be what you eat most.

Great Veggies: Sweet potatoes, spinach, broccoli

Characteristic items: apples, strawberries, blueberries

Dairy and Dairy Alternatives: Non-fat cheddar, skim milk, unsweetened substitute milks

Whole Grains: Brown rice, oats, whole grain bread

Rewards: unsweetened tea and coffee

Test feast plan

Coming up next is a representation of multi week’s dinners using plans from Noom.

This gala plan wouldn’t make any difference to everyone since calorie recommendations are individualized, yet it shares a general blueprint of food sources included from the concealing classes above.

Anyway long a large portion of your eating routine contains food assortments in the green and yellow classes, you can join food assortments delegated red — , for instance, chocolate cake — in little fragments.



Breakfast: raspberry yogurt parfait

Lunch: vegetarian grain soup

Goody: smooth cucumber and dill plate of blended greens

Dinner: fennel, orange, and arugula serving of blended greens


Breakfast: banana-ginger smoothie

Lunch: stewed orange tilapia and asparagus

Goody: spiced eggs

Dinner: mushroom and rice soup


Breakfast: vegetable skillet frittata

Lunch: broccoli quinoa pilaf

Nibble: hand created yogurt pops

Dinner: pork lettuce wraps


Breakfast: egg sandwich

Lunch: chicken and avocado pita pockets

Nibble: mixed nuts

Dinner: pasta with shellfish and mushrooms


Breakfast: spinach-tomato frittata

Lunch: salmon with tabbouleh serving of blended greens

Goody: chocolate cake

Dinner: grilled chicken with corn salsa


Breakfast: banana-apple and nut grain

Lunch: turkey cheddar tacos

Goody: hummus and peppers

Dinner: green bean goulash


Breakfast: seared egg wrap

Lunch: stacked spinach serving of blended greens

Dinner: salmon patties with green beans

Goody: cream cheddar normal item plunge with apples

Benefits and impediments

Benefits of Noom

Noom’s program highlights an attracted out approach to manage weight decrease. It may have a couple of benefits over convenient arrangement techniques.

Spotlights on calorie and supplement thickness

Noom stresses calorie thickness, an extent of the quantity of calories a food or reward gives similar with its weight or volume.

The program sorts food sources into a concealing system — green, yellow, and red — considering their calorie thickness and gathering of enhancements.

Food assortments with the most insignificant calorie thickness, most critical gathering of enhancements, or both, are seen as green. Food assortments with the most greasy thickness, least assembly of enhancements, or both, are named red, while yellow food assortments fall in the center.

Calorie-thick food assortments contain incalculable calories in a restricted amount of food, however things of low calorie thickness have less calories in a ton of food (11Trusted Source).

Generally, low-calorie-thick food sources, similar to results of the dirt, contain more water and fiber and are low in fat.

On the other hand, undesirable thick food assortments, as oily fish, meats, nut margarines, sweets, and baked goods, customarily give fat or added sugars anyway need water and fiber.

Diets included overwhelmingly of low-calorie-thick food assortments and beverages are connected with less desiring, weight decrease, and danger of steady conditions like coronary ailment than includes calories well off in greasy thick food sources (12Trusted Source, 13Trusted Source).

No food is taboo

A couple of celebrated weight control plans can be limiting by confining certain food sources or entire nourishment types. This can progress jumbled eating or obsessive works on enveloping sound or “clean” eating (14Trusted Source).

Noom embraces the opposite methodology, offering versatility by allowing all food sources to discover a route into your eating routine.

Since some greasy thick food assortments like nuts contain critical enhancements, and thoroughly taking out cakes and various treats is neither reasonable nor useful, Noom doesn’t limit these things anyway upholds less of them.

The program does this to help you stay inside or near your consistently calorie monetary arrangement.

Noom’s library of plans also helps you with sorting out which food sources and plans are fitting for you subject to any food hypersensitivities or biases you may have.

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